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Price and what makes it competitive

    • Own vehicle fleet consisting of over 20 vehicles (including 4 vehicles with tilt-trailer: 92m3, 11 vehicles with special semi-trailers of carrying capacity up to 40 tons and 7 vehicles with open semi-trailers of carrying capacity up to 30 tons
    • Flexible system of tariffs
    • Reliable and approved partners in various countries, what allows to come to a good composite rate on transportation
    • Direct access to official traffic and customs institutions of Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.
    • Individual approach to every customer and working out the idea of quotation in accordance with specific character of cargo and willing of the customer

Quality and why we can confirm it

    • Own vehicle fleet which is constantly being renewed and has steady tendency to expand
    • Professional drivers with many years of experience
    • Highly qualified leading personnel speaks a few languages (Latvian, Russian, English, German), what makes it possible to react quickly in non-standard situations
    • Quick processing of orders along with developing an individual scheme of cargo delivery of any complexity, and, if necessary, involving transportation partners in various countries
    • Delivery of cargoes in time
    • Accurate payments for the services

Reliability and what helps us to guarantee it

    • CMR insurance
    • Storage of cargoes in ports and in the customs warehouses
    • Insurance of cargoes and risks
    • Security and escorting of cargo both by pilot car and traffic police car
    • Customs clearance of cargoes at inland customs and border customs, including port customs
    • Additional fastening of cargo, as well as additional covering by tarpaulin of oversized cargoes

Company Mission

To become the most competent and technically equipped company in Baltic states specializing on standard and oversized motor transport, giving the client a full spectrum of services of high-quality and duly delivery of cargoes of any complexity from which clients aspire to establish the long-term partner relationships.

Company mission - to promote development of business of the clients, reliably and qualitatively solving their logistical problems. Having satisfied expectations and desires of the client, we also will provide stable growth and development of our company.


The basic philosophy of the company for the sake of what we exist are, first of all, to be the reliable partner both for the clients, and for the partners. In the center of our attention always there are for whom we work our Clients. The sense of all activity of our company is constructed on that professionals were engaged in the business. If the client, commensurating the result received from services of our company with expenses, required on its achievement, comes to a conclusion that it of that cost, we can safely consider the work well executed.